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SmallBiz Employee Benefits Option #2 – Traditional Group Insurance

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Ahhh…peace of mind! That is what Traditional Group Insurance brings to the table when you are looking at setting up a benefits plan for your employees.

You get the peace of mind of knowing that your employees are going to be reimbursed for their Medical and Dental expenses according to the Plan Design that you and your broker customized together.

Traditional Group Insurance will also include Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, and if you so choose, Dependent Life, Critical Illness, Short-Term Disability; Long-Term Disability; and/or an Employee Assistance Plan.

You know that with a Traditional Group Insurance program in place, your employees will be well looked after in those instances that can have a traumatic effect on their lives and their loved ones.

Some of the highlights of a Traditional Group Insurance program:

  1. Easy Budgeting…Rates are set at the beginning of the year. Every year your broker will review your Annual Renewal with you and come to an agreement on how they are going to negotiate the rates for the upcoming year.
  2. Easy Administration…after you and your employees fill out the initial enrollment forms, then all of the Administration is done on-line.
  3. Easy Claims Reimbursement…Most Medical and Dental claims can easily be processed on-line…even on a Mobile App!

With a Traditional Group Insurance Program, your employees will be an appreciative, well-motivated team!

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