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SmallBiz Employee Benefits – “How can I help my key employee who needs Physiotherapy?”

By August 27, 2019 No Comments


Popped into a local Interior Design store the other day…we were sharing stories about how we both started out in our basements and how we’re “living the dream” of being our own bosses. We get to do what we want; when we want; and how we want. Now we’ve both moved out of our basements…I’m still working on my own with some help from my wife but this SmallBiz Owner now has an employee.

The employee experienced a fall for which they require some physiotherapy. There isn’t a benefits plan in place, so this SmallBiz Owner was interested in what options were available. This was just a pop-in visit and she was very busy, so I quickly went through the options available for a 2-employee company:

  1. Health Care Spending Account
  2. Traditional Group Insurance
  3. Administrative Services Only
  4. Hybrid Plans

With the physiotherapy treatment already taking place, whichever plan she decides to go ahead with will only cover the costs moving forward from the effective date of the new plan. No problem…she just wants to be able to help her any way she can.

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